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Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Headset
$34.73 - $117.66
Turtle Beach Ear Force Z22 Amplified Headset
$46.04 - $247.88

In the past one month, I’ve received 15 emails from all over the world and people are asking me to share the difference between the Turtle Beach Headsets and the Afterglow headsets.

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Even though I had a lot of work to attend to in my Graphics Studio, I considered it a wise step.

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This article is going to focus on the turtle beach Vs afterglow headsets.tep to write a detailed review.

So, if you’re one of such persons having issues regarding these two fabulous headsets, then stay glued and enjoy.

It’s better to get the right information from the get go, before placing your order – which is yo

ur own sole decision.

My goal of setting up this blog is to guide you and thereby I can make the world a much better place because I’m in it.

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Turtle Beach Vs Afterglow – Brief History

Juergen Stark is the CEO of Turtle Beach Systems. In 1985, he founded this company to manufacture headsets, sound card and other sound enabled devices.

When it comes to high-gaming headsets, one of the best companies you can rely on is this particular one. If you’re a game lover like I am, then you may have been searching for the right, smooth sounding device you can fix on your ear and off you go.

If that’s the case, here is one of the best models you can bank on. It’s called the:

Turtle Beach Ear Force XP510 Headset

turtle beach headsets 2013

Actually, this is a premium wireless gaming headset. It comes with a digital surround system and a Dual-Band Wi-Fi feature.

This wireless is free of interference, and therefore you can enjoy a smooth audio and game chat.

The first difference we can point out between the Turtle Beach and the Afterglow is that the former comes with a Dual-band Wi-fi, why latter doesn’t have it – which means that all things been equal, you can expect clearer game chat with the Turtle Beach.

This is the first major difference. And as you read down, you’ll discover other essential features that make each of these headsets unique.

Now, you can enjoy music and gaming together. What a great combinations just from a single headset.

And this is made possible because of the Bluetooth that’s in-built which enables you to stream your favorite tunes while enjoying your game.

Also, you can even make phone calls right from the headset, even without leaving your game. I understand that when the game gets hotter and interesting,

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you can afford to pause it just because of a call – if you can handle both (playing game and making call), then you’re a fantastic player and I need to call you a friend.

The Rechargeable battery also lasts for about 15 hours. While playing your game, you can decide to charge the battery without quitting your game. It all a matter of choice – simply choose and Turtle Beach Dolby gaming headset delivers to the optimum.

Afterglow Blue Universal Wireless Headset

afterglow headsets 2013I decided to review this blue Afteglow headset because it’s one of the best you can compare with the Turtle beach XP510 Headset.

Because this very device is compatible with windows Vista/XP, Ninetindo Wii, Mac, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and I’m sure the manufacturers are working hard to make it compatible with PS4.

A brief History of After – PDP (Performance Designed Products) is also one of the foremost leaders in manufacturing headsets and sound systems.

All game accessories and peripherals you can trust.

The essence of writing this: turtle beach vs afterglow headset reviews is to establish the fact the both of them are good, and you can feel at home choosing from them.

But you also need to identify what you want to achieve as you play your game.

If you want to receive phone calls without pausing or quitting your game, then go for the Turtle Beach. But if you want a Hi-Definition Audio headset, then I can tell you that the afterglow is your best bet.

The Difference in Battery Life

From personal experience, the Turtle Beach Dolby Headset comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 15 hours even though you continually play your game.

You can decide to charge it while playing or as you want it. As for the battery life of Afterglow, it can last for 10 hours, that’s a difference of 5 hours between both.

So, if you’re always traveling and may not have the time or capability to charge your headset system, then you should buy the Turtle. The turtle has a higher battery life, but the afterglow has a better audio system, which actually is in three digital modes: Pure Audio, Bass Audio and Immersive Audio.

The last interesting feature in Afterglow headsets, which you can’t find in all models of Turtle Beach, is the Retractable noise system, which uses the microphone to give you an effective communication. It works perfectly with the active-listening LED indicator and Voice Overlay.

Two best gaming headsets

The truth of the matter is that both afterglow and turtle beach manufactures the best gaming headsets you can ever use.

Honestly, when it comes to design and beauty, the Turtle beach can’t be compared to the ones that glows – because they’re transparent and when you see green, it looks so shiny that no matter how much you pay for it, you’ll keep smiling home.

But you can’t believe it. Because when I was writing this review: the turtle beach Vs afterglow, I discovered that the prices are quite different.

But the good thing is that you’ll save up to $19.70 and $10.00 respectively from the total cost of each. Also, you’ll qualify for free super shipping and other benefits.

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